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Founded in 1997 as an evolution of previous business experience of current company CEO, Michele Liguori, whose presence in IT market has been more than 25 years long, at first as indipendent consultant and then as sole business named Avantgarde di Michele Liguori.

Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l. is able to provide IT products and services at 360°, even if the company core business has always been software solution devlopment and Internet market, since when, only few years ago that nowadays look like prehistory, the company become the first Internet Provider authorized by Italian "Ministero delle Comunicazioni", for the local phone district.


Always looking forward, Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l. has established its presence in E-commerce market with its products since late '90s.

Thanks to Internet technologies evolution, Acommerce, our top software, has been on the market for over 4 years and now, having reached release 3.0, is a fully mature product.

Acommerce is indeed a success software, used with satisfaction by some of most important company selling IT related and technological goods to public (B2C) and business operators (B2B).

Italian Tobacco's Store and D.F.L. (Depositi Fiscali Locali)

Among other software productions of Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l., deserve to be mentioned the software "SigmaT" e "Sigma", respectively intended for Italian Tobacco's Store and for DFL (exlusive wholesaler of tobacco's related products in Italy).

SigmaT is a complete POS (Point of Sale) software that using barcode reader and , optionally, a touch screen, satisfy all of Tobacco's Store needs.

The complete integration with Sigma software (intended for DFL) allow Tobacco's store to send via Internet their orders to relative DFL (that uses Sigma), and, our software unique feature, even to receive shipping confirm of their orders, in a way that data input of products arrival is fully automatic avoiding the needs to "read" by barcode reader all products received by DFL to load shipped quantity in the stock.

Sigma is a software, intended for DFL, that completely manage sales of "complementary" products respect to tobaccos like: Cellular phone recharge cards, Matches, Salt and other goods in standard VAT system.

The software automatically detects kind of documents to print (Shiping note for phone cards, shipping note for matches, VAT invoice, etc.) depending on which kind of products have been sold by the unified sales window. Printed documents automatically expose every legal footnote regarding VAT exemption or regulations depending on sold products.

In addition to sales related functions, Sigma manages Tobacco's store orders downloads coming from stores using the software SigmaT (both for tobaccos and other products), and the upload of shipping notes using the same "picking" files already used by controlled distribution systems like "Olicom" and "TabaCode".

Domains, hosting & housing, Sites and Internet technologies

Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l. is a Maintainer directly registered with Italian Authority for ccTLD .it and has commercial agreements with some of the most important international Registrar regarding the other TLD extensions.

Our long-term partnership with other companies and professionals make us able to completly satisfy any customer needs, offering the service level that customer requires, regarding design and development of sites and portals of any kind, Internet service or "housing" of customer's appliance and any other needs to guarantee customer presence in the Net.

Our company can support you from domain registration to your e-commerce store.

Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche, helps your business to grow.

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